Jarosław Kochan

Młodszy Prawnik

Jarosław Kochan
+48 22 326 9600

Jarosław specializes in real estate law. In the course of his professional career he has gained experience in investment processes, the due diligence of real estate, construction law and administrative law.

Prior to joining KZP, he worked in the Treasury Department of Kraków City Hall, where he participated in the Municipality of Kraków’s purchases of real estate for investment purposes.

As part of his student activities, he was a member of the Law Clinic at his University, where he provided free legal assistance in the areas of civil and family law. Jarosław has also held numerous internships, including at one of the largest law firms in Rzeszów.

Languages: Polish, English

Education: University of Rzeszów (Master of Law, 2016).