Rafał Zięba present at Housing Congress

On 18 September 2018, Rafał Zięba, Managing Partner at Kochanski Zieba & Partners, attended the 4th Housing Congress, the largest nationwide industry conference and the most important business event of the year for the development market, which was held in Wrocław. He appeared there as an expert and took part in the “Leadership in the Development Industry” panel. Topics of the debate included crisis management in organisations, the impact of the economic situation on the development industry, in addition to similarities and differences in the management style of a development company and a law firm.

The panelists discussed crisis management and drew attention to the inevitability of an economic downturn, an adjustment or even a crisis despite today’s robust economic performance.

The debaters also attempted to answer the question of what traits a leader should have, which of his/her qualities are considered the most important by his/her workmates and what they expect their boss to be like. A consensus was reached that a good leader takes the right decisions in times of an economic downturn which proves to be a real test of his/her HR, project, cost and corporate finance management skills.

Another important topic of the panel was the need for employers to adapt their employee requirements to generational changes and different expectations among new generations.

The conclusion of the expert debate was that development companies should use the good times resulting from a boom on the residential real estate market to prepare for more difficult times ahead. A good leader should anticipate upcoming changes, their direction and consequences.

The debate was extremely popular among representatives of the residential real estate industry. The debaters stressed the need for further corporate leadership analyses and debates.

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